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Speed Bend 4100x400
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NM-SB 4100-400
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The Speed Bend series have been designed to reduce the unit time costs and to be your most important power in your business with its fast and quality production capability in a competitive environment. Movement range of the upper beam and the daylight opening have been increased in the Speed Bend Pro series. Thus, the user is provided as a standard with the possibilities of obtaining deep bends by use of longer dies, taking the bent parts easily from the front side of the machine. Realistic 3D modelling Low energy consumption Easy service by remote access Quick and easy tool replacement Customer focused ergonomic solutions Backgauge with servo motor Ermaksan Speed Bend SB4100x400 (13.5ft x 440 USTONS) DELEM DA-66T, TOUCH SCREEN CNC CONTROLLER 4 AXIS SERVO BACK GUAGE X,R,Z1,Z2 ERMAKSAN FOUR AXIS back gauge X,R,Z1,Z2 Servo Back Gauge AMERICAN PROMECAM QUICK RELEASE ROLLERI TOP TOOL ROLLERI - 0813/011/11 4 V DIE BOTTOM TOOL MOTORIZED CROWNING SYSTEM 230 or 460 VOLTAGE, 3PH, 60HZ REAR GUARD SIDE GUARDS WITH SWITCH DOUBLE FOOT PEDAL CONTROLLER HOERBIGER HYDRAULIC SYSTEM SIEMENS ELECTRIC SYSTEM SLIDING FRONT SUPPORT ARMS

Tonnage440 T

Stock Number SB 4100-400 (13.45' x 440 Tons) Bending Length 162" MAX. POWER 440 Tons THROAT DEPTH 20.8" HIGH STROKE 14.6" DISTANCE BETWEEN COLUMNS 139.76" AXIS NUMBER OF MACHINE Y1,Y2,X,R Y RAPID SPEED 4.33" INCH/S Y WORKING SPEED .33 INCH/S Y Return Speed 5.12 INCH/S Crowning Motorized TRAVEL IN X AXIS 31.5" INCH/S SPEED OF X AXIS 19.7" INCH/S TRAVEL OF R AXIS 9.8 INCH/S Speed OF R AXIS 13.8" INCH/S MACHINE LENGTH 214" MACHINE WIDTH 104.3" MACHINE HEIGHT 136.6" WEIGHT 58232 lbs

ERMAKSAN Speed Bend 4100x400 13'x440 US TONS

ERMAKSAN Speed Bend 4100x400 13'x440 US TONS
Press Brakes