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Boschert Gizelis ElectroBend line of servo electric press brakes that are revolutionizing operations and delivering productivity and cost savings. The Boschert Gizelis servo electric line offers technology that features higher output, accuracy and reliability than ever before and reduces operational and maintenance costs – while being better for the environment. Three models of ElectroBend press brakes offer bending force capacities of 60, 80, and 100 tons. Ram speeds outperform the competition giving the ElectroBend one of the fastest bending cycle times on the market. The ElecroBend press brake also consumes 50% less energy compared to hydraulic models. And with no hydraulic fluid, operators are freed from sourcing, filtering, disposal, and service costs. The ElectroBend features a rigid O-frame that ensures minimum deformation even at full load. The O-frame guarantees that the tools do not move laterally to the bend line since there is no horizontal deformation in the frame, while the position of the ram is controlled by two linear encoders with an accuracy of +/- 0.001mm. Ultimately, the Boschert Gizelis ElectroBend press brakes cost less to own, makes production faster, and reduces waste – leaving operations with a better profit margin.


Bending Force 110 tons Bending Length 122" Distance between frames 124" Daylight 23.6" Punch stroke 14" Table width 3" Fast speed (max) 4.7"/sec Working speed (max) .78/sec Upstroke speed (max) 3.9"/sec Power 2x8.4KW Length, Width, Height 161"x65"x106" Weight 17,000LB

BOSCHERT Electrobend
Press Brakes