C 300 12″ Manual Coldsaw

C 300

For tubes, pipes, light structurals.  Hinge type machines are generally not considered production machines, but may be used in production under carefully considered applications.

Takes up to 12″ blade

Miters up to 45 degrees right and left

Built in flood coolant

Material stop

Storage base included

Equal clamping on both sides of vise

One 11″ saw blade included

Tool kit



Standard Equipment

One HSS sawblade

Low voltage control

TEFC 3 phase drive motor

Totally enclosed worm gear transmission

Full Coolant System

Full Blade Guarding

Operators Manual Parts List/Schematics

Capacities and Specifications

Capacities shown are max envelope. Each individual cutting job must be considered with regards to type and shape of material, and quantity of pieces per day.

(see chart in pictures)

Optional Accessories

AC230 Mobile Kit

AC100 5′ x 12″ wide freestanding conveyor

AC101 10′ x 12″ wide freestanding conveyor

AC300 5′ x 12″wide conveyor mounted to machine

AC300 10′ x 12″wide conveyor mounted to machine

AC102 6′ Worktable conveyor infeed/outfeed mounted to machine w/ coolant tray

AC103 Additional 6′ connecting to AC102