Welcome to factory 4.0.

  • P4 was invented and designed by Eng. Guido Salvagnini in 1977 and has continuously been developed up to today.
  • Salvagnini installed over 3000 panel benders in more than 75 countries worldwide.
  • Salvagnini offers the widest range of panels benders available.
  • Salvagnini owns the largest factory for panel bending 4.0 worldwide.


Flexible: Universal tool for bending from 11 to 27 gage.
Productive: Automatic set-up in masked time.
Smart: Zero scrap and consistent quality thanks to MAC 2.0.
Simple: Intuitive and easy programming software.
Reactive: Extensive modularity to allow the machine working in factories 4.0.
Versatile: Custom solution to cut profile or bend articulated parts. 
Available: Widest range of available models.