All About Ermaksan

Feb 13, 2023

We work with a lot of machinery manufacturers. From Marvel Amada to Salvagnini and many more. All of these brands are great, but there is one in particular that we want to focus on this time around. We're going to dive into the company Ermaksan and their various machines such as plasma cutters, punch presses, laser technology, and plenty of other types. We'll go over some specs of some of the machines and what they're best used for in a metal fabrication setting.

History of the Company

Established in 1965, Ermaksan got its start creating textile machines, hot presses, electric motors, flame-cutting benches, and many other useful machines. For many years Ermaksan Machine led production for electric motors and textile machinery. It wasn't until the late 1980's that Ermaksan shifted gears to focus on sheet metal processing machines. Since then the company has become a world leader in sheet metalworking machinery, renowned for its efficient and precise range of cutting equipment. With decades of experience in the industry coupled with their commitment to developing advanced technologies, it's easy to see why Ermaksan's products remain popular amongst professionals all around the world.

The Plasma Cutter

Ermaksan Plasma Cutters are one of the best on the market for their precision, durability and flexibility in tackling various tasks. Plasma cutters can be used to cut through a variety of materials from steel, aluminum and sulfur alloys in the finest possible detail. Jobs such as cutting out shapes from plates or cylinders, recesses for recessed fastenings, punch press and laser technology jobs can all be accomplished more quickly and with more accuracy than ever before with no compromise on the surface quality or dimensional accuracy of the material being cut. All in all, Ermaksan Plasma Cutters are ideal for any type of job requiring a clean and professional finish.

Press Brake by Ermaksan

Ermaksan's press brake technology is praised the world over for being ahead of its time. By combining a top-of-the-line smart build with optimal safety and accuracy, this groundbreaking technology allows for bend angles custom-made to your needs. This precision manufacturing is made possible thanks to powerful features such as a securely fastened front arm and adjustability, both in pressure and stroke length. Whether it be sheet metal, stainless steel Tube & Pipe sector or cut parts from plasma cutter and laser cutting systems, Ermaksan's press brake can handle them all smoothly and efficiently — making it the perfect choice for projects that require extra sophistication.

Punch Press

The punch press is a versatile machine that can form and shape metals with great accuracy. It uses a stepped die set to cut, bend, stamp, emboss and shear through almost any material with ease - from light gauge aluminum up to heavy-duty steel. The type of job that the punch press can do is nearly limitless - it can be used for simple tasks such as perforation or embossing, right through to forming intricate parts for complex industrial machinery. Although it's traditionally associated with metal fabrication, the punch press can also work on textiles and other softer materials such as plastic and rubber. A variety of other tools such as the plasma and laser cutter are often used in conjunction with the punch press to complete more specialist manufacturing jobs.

Ermaksan is a great company with a long history in machine production and metal fabrication. With a variety of machines and their experience in the industry being unmatched they are one of the best companies to consider when looking for new equipment. Have you worked with Ermaksan machinery before? What was your experience like?