Serving Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, and Louisiana

C.R. Onsrud, Inc. specializes in high quality CNC machinery designed for the aerospace, woodworking, plastics, and composites industries.


C.R. Onsrud manufactures CNC Routers, CNC Machining Centers, and CNC Profile Machining Centers. C.R. Onsrud's CNC machines are found in the manufacturing facilities of many of the largest brands in the world, and our team takes pride in living up to those lofty standards. Walk into manufacturing facilities across the world, and you'll see components and parts beings made on our CNC machinery from Boeing, Goodyear, Steinway & Sons, top EV manudfacturers, and many, many more. They'll immediately tell you the value and performance the Onsrud label brings to their bottom line. We've been around for decades cutting wood, metals, composite materials, plastics, and more.

The First C.R. Onsrud Machine

Paying homage to the simple lines of the Onsrud swing-arm routers used by many of the aircraft manufacturers during World War II, the Inverted RouterĀ© (pictured below) was the first machine produced in the North Carolina factory, and is still manufactured today. It offers a safe, and efficient hand-operated router for commercial industry applications, as well as smaller shops, and home wood-workers.