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High Speed Circular Saws (non-ferrous)
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The Pat Mooney PMI-20 is a semi-automatic upcut miter saw that is built and designed to cut aluminum extrusions, profiles, and other non-ferrous materials (copper, brass, plastics). Mitre Capability: The PMI-20 is equipped with a turn table that allows set up of miter cut in seconds. A positive lock of the table is released and then built in handles allow for easy turning of the saw blade approach. Several positive stops via a locking pin allow for rapid and accurate set up of the angle to be cut. The work piece DOES NOT need to be moved from the 90 degree in feed direction. Upcut Design and Saw Blade Chamber: The PMI-20 is an Upcut saw. The saw blade is housed under the work table and travels up through the work piece. This has several advantages such as safety (less blade exposed during cut), chip removal and longer blade life. Material Clamping: The pneumatic clamping system has adjustable clamping pressure to prevent distortion of thin wall profiles. The saw comes standard with vertical and horizontal clamps. The top clamp holds the work piece on both sides of the saw blade to deliver a burr free cutoff part. The clamping system is controlled by its own cylinder and is adjustable according to size of the work piece. Additional Features Additional Standard Items included with purchase of the PMI-20: • Tool Kit • Kanefusa 120T Saw Blade • Operating Manual Cutting Capacity Round-90 Degree 5.905” Round-45 Degree 5.511” Square-90 Degree 5.905” Square-45 Degree 5.511” Rec a x b-90 Degree 5.511 x 7.874” Rec a x b-90 Degree 5.905 x 4.724” Rec a x b-90 Degree .393 x 13.188” Rec a x b-45 Degree 5.905 x 3.543” Rec a x b-45 Degree 5.511 x 5.118” Rec a x b-45 Degree .393 x 9.448”

Blade Dia20"
Dimensions47" x 40" x 71"
Weight1275 LBS

Manufacturer Pat Mooney Model PMI-20 MITER UPCUT SAW Condition New Saw Motor 7.5 HP Double Miter 45 degrees to the left and right Saw Blade Speed 2800 RPM Full Control of the Feed Rate Air over Oil Feed System Diameter Saw Blade 20" Maximum Sawing Height 5.9" Maximum Sawing Width 11" Table Size 33-5/8 x 35-5/8 Working Height 33-3/32 Inch Machine Dimensions 51"x44"x72" MachineWeight 1275 LBS

High Speed Circular Saws (non-ferrous)