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Horizontal Band Saws
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FMB Precision Gear Driven Saw – PRO Pegasus Miter SERIES The Pegasus DS offers semi-automatic operation of the cutting cycle complete with hydraulic clamping, positive hydraulic cutting pressure and auto return after the cutting cycle. This model is also capable of mitre cutting both 60 degrees left and 60 degrees right. Standard Features & Equipment: · Swivel saw head with a digital display of the cutting angle and 0-60 degrees right and left · Saw Head rotates on rack and pinion with large hand wheel adjustment · All gear saw drive with infinitely variable speed controlled via Inverter · Heavy duty machine base with locking cabinet · Clamping vise is hydraulic. Vise is positioned via linear guide and rail · In feed Table Support that adjusts on linear guide and rail for left position mitre sawing · Positive hydraulic down feed of the saw blade · Automatic return height adjustment of the saw head · Mechanical blade tension with built in indicator · Precision carbide blade guides with roller guides · Saw drive via gear reducer with case hardened and ground helical gears · Flood coolant system · 24 volt control voltage · Fast approach · Specify voltage at the time of order (220V/3PH, 440V/3PH) · One FMB cobalt bandsaw blade and operating manual


Round 0 Dgree 13" Round 45 Degree/Right 13" Round 60 Degree/Right 8 3/4" Round 45 Degree/ Left 13" Round 60 Degree Left 7" Rectangle A 0Degree 13"x20"" REctangle A 45 Degree/Right 10"x14 1/2" Rectangle A 60Degree/Right 5"x9" Rectangle A 45 Degree/Left 12-1/2"x10-5/8" Rectangle A 60 Degree Left 7” x 6” Square 13” x 13” Square 45 Degreee/Right 13” x 13” Square 60 Degree/Right 8-3/4” x 8-3/4” Square 45 Degree/ Left 10-5/8"x10-5/8" Square 60 Degree left 6-1/4” x 6-1/4” Blade Size 14’8” x 1-1/4” x .042” Saw Blade Speed Variable 52 to 394 FPM Saw Motor 4 HP Floor Space 55 ‘ x 90” Machine Weight 2,420 lbs. Additional Features Pegasus DS Price Additional Options: 30LX Laser Light for the Cut Line 30NB1 Spray Mist Saw Blade Lubrication System 30RPM1 Vise Pressure Regulation (adjustable clamping pressure) 30DOTM Vertical Bundle Clamp Conveyor Options: 30RFP2 6.5ft Infeed/Outfeed Roller Conveyor 30FM2RSP 6.5ft Manual Length Stop (includes Outfeed Conveyor) 30FM4RSP 13ft Manual Length Stop (includes Outfeed Conveyor) 30FM6RSP 20ft Manual Length Stop (includes Outfeed Conveyor)

FMB PEGASUS DS Semi-Automatic Operation

FMB PEGASUS DS Semi-Automatic Operation
Horizontal Band Saws