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The CIDAN F26 series folding machine is one of the fastest, user-friendly machines and one of the most reliable machines on the market. With the new construction, it is robust with welded sides, extra-strong lower beam, and clamping beam. The generous 150 mm opening height and the generous beam openings allow greater flexibility. The folding beam comes in three different widths, offering the best result for any profile and material, with keyholes for fast changes. The strong but compact folding beam makes the operator’s work easy and the entire process is speeded up as the clamping beam opens before the folding beam is back in place. The folding captivity is a 15 steel gage and the folding length is 102". Choose a CIDAN F26 folding machine and you choose work of joy and productivity in a perfect combination. Additional Features This back gauge is just as the name indicates, flexible, and expandable up to 4200 mm working depth via modules. The base unit has a depth of 1550 mm. The modules then make it possible to change a standard FLEXIBLE to an L-, J-, T- or U-shaped format from scratch or as needed. The modular system enables a variety of combinations of back gauge tables, so today a tailored back gauge is quite possible. The back gauge is equipped with dual servo motors, ball screws, and linear guides for maximum precision. All positions will be exactly the same, time after time. FLEXIBLE back gauges are supplied as standard with 12, 14 or 16 gauging rails, depending on the length of the machine. The back gauge speed enables the productivity to increase and at the same time, decreases the costs of your forming operation. The front stop units are made of spring steel as standard. The stop units can be dropped down automatically in every program row, which prevents any collision with the stop units when the sheets needs to be rotated.


Folding Length 102" Folding Capacity Steel 15 ga, Stainless steel 19 GA, Aluminum .102 Opening height 5.9 Outer dimensions (144) x (61) x (63) Weight 6834

Folding Machines