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Plate Bending Rolls including Pinch
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Almost a century of forming experience and cooperation with our customers are incorporated in our VBH 4-roll plate bending rolls. The VBH is the best machine for both, cylindrical and conical bending. The main features of our VBH rolls are the greater bottom roller pinching force (for short flat ends and optimum pre-bending) and the higher drive torque (for single pass process) to boost productivity. A winning combination for those looking for performance of the highest level. VBH Features With the VBH Series we exceed your expectations. How we exceed your expectations? It’s simple: The all-new VBH Series was created from the belief that every feature, every innovation, must be focused on helping you grow your bottom line. This led our engineers to design the next generation of plate rolls, concentrating on four key areas of machine performance: STRENGTH: Linear sliding guides and multiple bearings rolls support system. POWER: High torque reduction unit for reduced number of rolling passes. PRECISION: Digital control of the rolls parallelism with proportional valves. CONTROLS: Infinitely variable rolls adjustment speeds, Infinitely variable central lower roll pinching pressure, shell calibration working modes, extended i-diagnostic system... are only some of the features that you can control directly from the operator mobile panel, just moving a finger.