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Plasma Cutters
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Alltra HG16
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MODEL HG16 MACHINE GANTRY • BEAM ASSEMBLY Allows Table Widths From 6' 8" (80") to 17' 8" (212") Fabricated and Machined In-House to Strict Tolerance Requirements Constructed From 12" by 12" Steel Tube, 1/2" Wall Thickness Dual Linear Ways That Are Plated and Have Cap Seals to Prevent Dirt Incursion • DECK ASSEMBLY Provides a Rugged Surface to Hold Critical Machine and Process Components Aids the Machine Beam in Providing Structure for the Machine • STANDARD TRUCK ASSEMBLY Houses Hardened Steel Wheels (8" Diameter), Motor Assembly, and Guide Bearings Features Rail & Wheel Scrapers to Help Maintain the Rails While the Machine is in Motion Air Blast Nozzles Located on Each End Help Keep Debris Off of the Rails Available in Standard or Tucked Designs of Different Heights • OPERATOR'S STATION BRACKET Provides Several Options and Locations for Attaching the Operator's Console to the Machine • MACHINE INPUT/OUTPUT CABINET I/O Module is Digitally Linked to the CNC for Better Noise Immunity, Faster Response Times, and a Lowered Number of Electrical Connections To Help Reduce Potential Failure Points Temperature Controlled Via Heat Exchanger or Air Conditioner Designed with Future Expansion Capabilities for Fast Response to Changing Needs • AC BRUSHLESS SERVO DRIVE SYSTEM High-Precision Bosch-Rexroth® Indramat Series Servo Drive System 600 Inches Per Minute Maximum Traverse Speed (Standard) Higher Traverse Speeds Available Upon Request - May Require Additional Safety Devices • COMPRESSED AIR FILTER KIT Includes: Particulate Filter, Water Separator and Oil Mist Separator • MACHINE POWER DISCONNECT & TRANSFORMER Power Required: 480VAC, Three-Phase, 22 Amps

Plasma Cutters